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You can benefit Magnificat's Ministry with:

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Logo IconHome items such as kitchen, linens and working appliances,

Logo IconFoods; Meats, fishes, dry goods, #10 cans of fruits and vegetables,

Logo IconVolunteers for our Houses, Loaves and Fishes and the Clubhouses.

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What money will buy today:

$25 : a gift card or toiletries.
$50 : bus fares to doctor appointments.
$100 : a week of care for a mentally ill person.
$250 : food for a week at our womens shelter.
$500 : food for a week for one of our homes.
$1,000 : 250 solid, full course meals at our soup kitchen.
$2,500 : one month of utilities for a house.
$____ : Enter your own amount.

Magnificat Houses succeeds, in no small part, because of your generosity, commitment and passion for those whom we hold dear to our hearts. Together, with God's blessing, we are changing the the way people look at mental illness.

There are many wonderful charities from which to choose, and we are grateful for all that you can give. Your contributions save lives. Magnificat Houses, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), faith based, non-profit, charitable organization in adherence with the Federal Internal Revenue Code and chartered by the State of Texas in 1968. Your qualified contributions are tax deductible. Our EIN is 23-7003471.

If you harbor reservations about donating here, please help us earn your trust.
If you question this, or any of our fund raising efforts, please contact our Advancement Director Willie Madden at: P.O. Box 8486, Houston, TX 77288 or call him at (713)529-4231.

"If we do not keep indoctrinating, we lose the vision. And if we lose the vision, we become merely philanthropists doling out palliatives."
-- Dorothy Day

... Thank You for Your Support !

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