Emergency Women's Center: Miryam's Hostel


Women who live on the street often find themselves in special circumstances not always addressed by agencies. We offer a clean, secure dormitory bed for up to four nights, a hot bath, clean pajamas, and a breakfast. We will not ask her for an explanation for being on the street-we just care about her safety and well-being. Women utilizing this temporary service are encouraged to apply for residency in one of our regular women's homes.


Loaves & Fishes

the soup kitchen at

2009 Congress Street
(at corner of Chartres)


INTAKE  3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

First come, first served!

Please note:   Our 8 beds fill up quickly.

Warm Bed
Larry Appeals
Larry Burt encourages women on the street to visit Miriam's Hostel, located over the popular Loaves & Fishes soup kitchen.